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cheap canada goose uk On the other hand, distance education nowadays largely means online education with various instructional delivery models, synchronous (instantaneous live chats) or asynchronous (recorded or archived live chats), using internet, TV, or other electronic means such as video or audio tapes. Both models came into being to implement, overcome, or improve the instructional limitations often found in the existing brick and mortar instructional model.Correspondence Education and Its Historical Background According to the University of Florida website, «Correspondence education, the earliest version of distance education,» was «developed in the mid nineteenth century in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany), and the United States, cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber and spread swiftly» (See Reference 3). For example, as early as 1840, «an English educator, Sir Isaac Pitman, taught shorthand by mail.» In America, correspondence education began «in 1873 by Anna canada goose buy uk Ticknow,» who «established a society that presented educational opportunities to women of all classes to study at home.» Initially correspondence education incorporated many then innovative technologies, such as «lantern slide and motion pictures,» but radio broadcasting became a main delivery method after 1910, which will eventually metamorphose into TV delivery later (See Reference 3) canada goose store cheap canada goose uk.

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