Tragic moment on a wintry night in a cornfield north of Clear Lake was day the music died as Don McLean would sing in his 1971 classic Pie. Until the last few years, there was still plenty of music left to play at the Laramar later known as the Plamor and then the Twilight Ballroom before becoming the Laramar again. The old brick building that started as the Fort Dodge Armory in 1904 is now vacant, up for sale.

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canada goose clearance Were brought up with it. As children we would eat fresh hot bread covered with a dribble of olive oil. Shows up the next morning to escort us to the nearby 16th century Agios Georgios Monastery at Karydi near Vamos. Under the current City Mayor’s ‘leadership’ Paul Dennett has continued to throw money at vanity projects, projects such as the Salford’s rugby stadium, expensive office blocks. But it gets worse, the hypocrisy of Dennett has seen him vote to sell off Council houses and then complain to cheap canada goose the mainstream media we have no affordable homes left. This is a ‘leadership’ that sees the same people in charge of Salford Council that were in charge back in John Merry’s days. canada goose clearance

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