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buy canada goose jacket Cadence Minerals Plc (LON:KDNC) has sold almost half of its stake in AIM quoted lithium explorer Bacanora Minerals Lts (LON:BCN) for 6.23mln.The sale wasn’t due to a lack of confidence in the Bacanora team but rather that it is «important that [the company] realises investment profits in a timely fashion».Cadence official canada goose outlet was originally approached by an institutional investor about possibly offloading some of its Bacanora shares last month and it took that opportunity to begin discussions with other interested parties.As such, it sold the chunk of shares to several institutions but said it had no interest in offloading any more of its stake at the moment.Candence intends to invest some of the money raised in other early stage mineral explorers, while it has also set aside a portion to renegotiate its current debt facility.Alcoutim canada goose shop regent street is situated in the well known and well mineralised Iberian pyrite belt in Portugal.Auroch’s second hole at Alcoutim intersected a volcanic sedimentary complex which its chief executive Andrew Tunks is a «strong indication of the prospectivity of the ground.Cobalt is a key ingredient in the production of lithium ion batteries, in particular the small kind that goes into mobile phones and laptops.But that’s not all. Following recent price strength growth canada goose outlet california is set to surge still further as the electric vehicle market expands.And the tiny percentage of global cobalt supply that the US and Canada is able to produce from secondary sources is unlikely to be enough to satisfy the demand requirements of manufacturing just a single model in the Tesla range, let alone the company’s entire output.If other major manufacturers like General Motors or Ford also start sucking in significant quantities of the metal, a real hard squeeze looks likely.In a fully functional globalised economy this might not matter, especially since US consumption of cobalt in dollar terms is still relatively small.But recent trends indicate that protectionism is on the way, and some countries, notably China are already moving to secure supply. The Chinese have bought one of the world’s largest cobalt producing mines, the giant Tenke Fungurume project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.China has also recently bought the major canada goose outlet sale European canada goose refiner buy canada goose jacket in Finland, from North American giant Freeport McMoran.. buy canada goose jacket

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